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Our high-tech carry system

The AERORISE™ carry system is revolutionary in terms of its comfort, ventilation and sustainability, thanks to the use of lightweight materials and 3D technology. You’ll be the leader of the pack!

The new AERORISE™ backpack

Welcome to the future

Innovative AERORISE™ technology

View of the rear of the backpack with the AERORISE carry system

Open-cell structure

Ultralight and with thousands of individual struts

Zonal cushioning

Different degrees of firmness in three dimensions

Stretchy lattice

Creates air circulation when compressed

Highly breathable

Significantly reduces the temperature on your back

Zero waste

Only the amount needed is produced

Body mapping

on the human body

Illustration of the body mapping of the AERORISE technology

We’ve taken a close look at how the weight of a backpack ideally needs to be distributed: as close as possible to the back yet with cooling air circulation.
The body-mapping cushioning achieves just that, thereby providing an optimum distribution of weight and pressure with an ideal ergonomic shape and ventilation.

3D-printed pads with various degrees of firmness

Efficient absorption and energy recovery

Zero waste – only the amount needed is printed

Ultralight thanks to a paper-thin CROSS RIP 70D material

Zonal cushioning

Using innovative 3D printing

Illustration of a pad used for AERORISE technology
01 EVA Firm

The closer the layer is to the back panel, the firmer it is: this gives stability to the pad and maintains the distance to the back.

Illustration of a pad used for AERORISE technology
02 EVA Mid

The pad is firmer on the narrow side since this is where the weight is concentrated, thereby supporting the back.

Illustration of a pad used for AERORISE technology
03 EVA Soft

The closer the pad is to the skin, the softer it is – for enhanced comfort.

Illustration of a pad used for AERORISE technology
04 PU Soft

On the pad’s wider end there is a softer zone for optimum comfort.

Illustration of a pad used for AERORISE technology
05 Airmesh

The degrees of firmness are infinitely variable and the special lattice structure ensures cooling ventilation.

How do I get my pack to fit right?
How do I pack my pack correctly?
3D Prelight Rise

3D Prelight Rise

Be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of our innovative AERORISE™ carry system!

379,95 €

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